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With such a large cast and a revolving door of recurring characters, cast and crew.

Justin Chambers is the second longest running actor on the show right behind star Ellen Pompeo. Alex Karev has gone from a sleazy womanizer to a mature and well-liked doctor, Justin Chambers found himself in the center of a inappropriate scandal that sounds more like.

Other outlets and their reps were quick to deny the reports as Chambers has been happily married to his wife Keisha Chambers for 23 years and they share five children.

2 It is no surprise that Grey’s has become a pop culture phenomenon due to its popularity, however that isn’t always a good thing.

Scoop: Mer Der happiness, a Cristina-Owen explosion and the alt-reality What does that mean for the rest of the Seattle Grace-rs?

Based on the just-released photos for the episode, there are two very unlikely pairs, two of the docs may actually have children together and a long-dead cohort is back in action.

“He’s kind of my rock so I moved to Toronto and went to arts school where I started to take acting more seriously.” role took place at the end of 2014, and in February 2015, he decided to move to Los Angeles to give the pilot season a try.

He, along with two friends, packed up his Honda and a 5 x 8 trailer that they named "Trailer Swift and Two Chains" and set out on the 2,500 mile adventure from his hometown.

GG: I didn’t get any hazing of sorts, but Justin Chambers is a really great guy. I’m not oblivious to, you know, parts of why a guy is hired at a certain time, but obviously they’ve given me much more. ” I know a little part of me, just a small part, is going to start to get up. My immediate family is in Toronto, and they also follow it. I think it’s more about eating out a little bit more or being able to fly a friend or family in.

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“You are just dragging your butt, trying to stay alive.

newcomer Giacomo Gianniotti, who joined the cast at the end of season 11, that is what he would call himself. “He left everything he had in Italy to come be a father to me in Canada because he didn’t have a dad,” he explains.

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