Compound specific radiocarbon dating

Among the most important animal cults were the bull cults, which appeared in Egyptian writings as far back as the First Dynasty.The ancients believed that the powerful bull represented the personality of the king; slate palettes dating back as far as 3100 BC even show kings as bulls.Alternatively, a document or inscription might refer to something that either wasn't known at the time (talking about "photographs" or "photography" in a Regency-era letter when the word was coined in Victoria's reign—1839, to be precise), or wasn't called by a specific name at the time (say, using the phrase "World War I" in a document or on an item purportedly from the 1920s since back then it was known as "The Great War"). Haldane supposedly said "fossilized rabbits in the Pre-Cambrian" (mammal fossils in a layer geologically dated to a time hundreds of millions of years before mammals existed) would disprove the theory of evolution .The matter may be as simple as the physical placement of an object: biologist J. These clues might be incredibly obvious (visible to the unaided human eye) or require some kind of analytical test (chemical analysis, radiocarbon dating or something of the sort) to be discovered.The deification of animals in ancient Egypt existed even before the countrys unification around 3100 BC.Communities worshipped their own deities, many of which were represented in animal form.

Later the Apis became widely known as the incarnation of Osiris, god of embalming and cemeteries, when Ptah himself took on funerary characteristics and became associated with Osiris.Since the Apis was so sacred, it stands to reason that its mother (referred to as the "Isis cow") was revered as well.The birth of an Apis calf was a time for celebration among ancient Egyptians, since this meant that a living god had been born into their midst.Although there is no clear-cut reason for the deification of animals, it has been surmised that some animals may have achieved their godly status because they helped humans, whereas the more dangerous and feared animals, such as jackals, may have been worshipped as a way to appease them.In any case, it is believed that deities needed to be given a recognizable form so that the divine force would not seem so abstract to the masses.

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