When dating turns dangerous dating an actor affairs

This video covers the complicated area of abusive relationships.In the last 10 minutes or so it covers the "honeymoon-abuse cycle" and is explained well.Please be informed that we are not responsible for advice/tips given by any third party in form of comments on article pages .If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider.Parents need to keep this in mind and look for subtle warning signs.Some of the glaring signs are: If you find your daughter to be the victim of dating violence, make them relaxed by saying that it is an experience to learn from.The acting and script are professional even if they lack the bigger budget of a major studio production.There are discussion questions that pop up on the screen every 3-8 minutes which generally I disregard but a few of them are worth stopping for and having a brief class discussion.

Aside from the corded telephone used in a few scenes, it's really not dated and shows well in 2012.

A study by Harvard School of Public Health showed that dating can be risky, particularly for girls.

In the study carried out on more than 1900 girls, around one-fifth of them reported being physically abused in a dating relationship.

Dating is important in teenage life, but increasingly it has become a way of physical and emotional assault on people.

The growing menace of violence while dating, its patterns and why the abusers act behave in the way they do need to be addressed.

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