Intimidating names for baseball

A stride must be short (3 inches max), low, and with minimal effort, so this device does the opposite of what is intended.Sure it keeps your hands back, but at the expense of ruining the most important parts of the swing, timing and swing tempo.You can get fantastic results with two cheap Franklin Tees equaling less stress and MORE success (video above)!Make sure the back tee ball is slightly higher than the front.The weight of the steel bars makes this "thing" inefficiently difficult to move, breakdown, re-assemble, and switch over for righties and lefties.Also, I wouldn't accept one of these as a gift, so no matter what the price, it's too expensive.

Next, The Hands Back Hitter Baseball hitting training aids should make a hitter better, it looks good on paper, but it still missed the mark.Instructo Tee Swing Trainer Of all baseball hitting training aids this is the abominable snowman in the room. endorsed this one almost a decade ago, and he had good right to pull his name from the contraption.I want to apologize in advance for getting on my soapbox with this one, please make sure to get ear muffs for the little kiddies. Yes, this hitting tool is durable (steel bars), and you definitely do NOT need a partner, unless to cry with you to the bank because you wasted 9!As far as I'm concerned, this hitting contraption doesn't teach anything, only to intimidate kids into pulling their hands in (wincing), swinging with crocodile arms, because they're afraid they're going to hurt their hands, again...Not to mention, the parents wince in pain from the pocket book, seeing another new 0 aluminum bat purchase looming on the horizon, thanks to those clanging fascist steel poles.

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