Adult spanking chats

“Punishment only works if implemented correctly.” For example, a child who is punished two hours after misbehaving might not remember the reason behind being spanked, only that it hurt. When parents use physical punishment to discipline their children for hurting someone (such as hitting a friend or biting a fellow preschooler), they only reinforce the behavior they want to stop.Children learn by watching others, especially their parents.Since then experts have demonstrated the potential harmful effects of physical punishment and many Americans consider it abuse.However, physical punishment continues to be embraced.“Try not to get too emotionally distressed yourself.If you have another parent or source of support around, ask for help. Parenting classes also are a great way to add skills and techniques to your discipline toolkit.“If you are alone, take a break until you can calm down; then have a conversation with the child about the behavior,” Gilmore says.

And many maintain that lighter forms of physical punishment, such as spanking, are not harmful when administered with restraint.

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Methods of discipline that don’t involve physical punishment include timeouts, redirection, positive reinforcement of good behavior and consequences for misbehavior (such as taking away a toy or an electronic device).

Gilmore urges parents to seek ongoing support from another parent, grandparent or friend, to navigate times of conflict with their children and to discuss how they will handle discipline situations.

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