Horoscope dating

A soulmate connection or sexual spark could ignite just-like-that, and with impulsive Uranus in the mix, you're likely to act on it.

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Talk is cheap, Bull, but you're all about action—and longevity. Tuesday, December 19, 2017Are you ready for some serious growth and personal development, Bull?Monday, December 18, 2017Your grounded sign doesn't have patience for players and egomaniacs who can't (or won't) walk their talk.Today, the year's only Sagittarius new moon powers up your intense eighth house, helping you get clearer about the kinds of people and scenarios you're willing to allow into your life.Wednesday, December 20, 2017Your sex appeal is reading off the charts today, thanks to a sultry sync-up of your ruling star, Venus, and sizzling Uranus.You're in full ownership of your blazing sensuality, so make eye contact—or the first move!

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