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YANGON: Myanmar authorities plan to set up a command centre in Yangon to monitor CCTV imagery as part of a counter terrorism push.Police officials told Channel News Asia that the new centre and CCTV cameras will be introduced sometime this year.

The Intha people are the Lake dwellers who are unique for their leg rowing.In busy downtown Yangon there are very few visible police officers patrolling the streets regularly and there are also no CCTV cameras mounted in public areas.Soe Myaing said it is hoped that mounted surveillance in selected areas will soon act as extra pair of eyes.“CCTVs (will be) set up in the public areas, maybe the crime-prone areas, and also linked to monitors in the command centre,” he said.Welcome to the Las Vegas Strip Web Cam - part of the Boyd Gaming Web Cam Network!To get started, simply complete the information below.

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