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Karel's mother was Hermine von Poster, daughter of the factory owner and wholesaler from Budapest Karl Ludwig Ritter von Poster. The former married Hanna Fuchs-Robettin (née Werfel) an thus she is the sister-in-law of Karel.

After World War I the family moved from Austria to Czechoslovakia and officially changed their name to Fuchs-Robětín (a nominal form that was rejected by Austrian Aristocratic department of the ministry before). In 1922 he was a part of a relief match for the Verdun Restoration Fund held at Wimbledon, in which he was defeated by Gerald Patterson in singles and again by Patterson and Rupert Wertheim in doubles with Friedrich Rohrer.

The data of this retrospective study were collected via two questionnaires addressed by mail to patients operated by two surgeons (P Ténière and M Scotté) for massive obesity at Rouen University Hospital between 19.

He also served as a chairman of the Technical Museum in Prague.

His father was awarded the Order of the Iron Crown third class.

Later for his philanthropic ventures Emperor Franz Josef I also granted him the title of noble, which allowed him to bear the name Robettin (in Czech: Robětín), Roděk or Roněk, compounded with the German prefix "Fuchs Edler von Robbetin", and also a coat of arms.

Quality of life (Qo L) was evaluated using the original Moorehead–Ardelt questionnaire for 200 patients operated for massive obesity in a single centre between 19.

Qo L and physical data were obtained by retrospective mail questionnaire.

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