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*********** Following up on Chuck Knox, Mike Benton wrote, from Colfax, Illinois Being a Vikings fan, I always remember the rivalry in the 70's between the Rams and Vikings. An outstanding Philadelphia high school running back, a Penn State commit and a product of an outstanding youth program, was arrested the morning of his school’s state semi-final game for an armed robbery he’s accused of having committed last summer. beta Preview=redesign *********** This is the program cover from the 1942 Army-Navy game, not quite one year into World War II. Agreed that the single biggest play of the game was Voit's hustle to trip up Perry on that long run. I've always dreamed of being a coach at a military academy, and I would hand out towels to do it.In 1969, the Vikings beat George Allen's Rams 23-21 in the Western Conference Finals. It was a time before America’s little boys played soccer, a time - a much tougher time - when America truly realized how important a role football - and manliness - played in its culture. Second biggest play(s) were the two uncharacteristic penalties toward the end of the game that eventually cost Navy the game. I believe you will eventually start seeing more high school teams taking a page out of the Arrny-Navy playbooks, and YOU may start seeing more and more coaches asking you about your "Open Wing". I plan on watching both the Division II and Division III games on Saturday. Joe Gutilla Austin, Texas Joe, You have to keep Army-Navy on the list.” So where does that put Chuck Knox, the guy who couldn’t beat Bud Grant? And then there’s the story behind the Vikings’ uniform - a classic design that’s stood the test of time and pretty much resisted all attempts to change it.. My second reaction, after hearing that the players went overboard in trying to persuade the administrator to hire him was, “Great. And my fourth was, “Didn’t you just lose one Florida guy when a big-time Florida school came calling? They live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and yet they’re in constant need of hearing others tell them that. If, after f—king up once with Taggart, you can’t structure a contract to keep your Florida guy in Oregon, you need to get a new AD.*********** Nike spends millions, and still it’s a crapshoot - literally. Story sent to me by Greg Koenig, Cimarron, Kansas *********** There’s nothing quite like seeing a boy you’ve coached grow into a man. The fact that the players like him and want to hold onto him is certainly not a strike against him.*********** No doubt the Bud Light ad agency thought this “Dilly Dilly” sh— was really clever, because they’re spending a fortune on commercials in an obvious attempt to make it into a byword that young, hip drinkers will use, showing how cool they are when they order their Corona. But that, it seems, is less an issue for a coach to worry about, and more an issue of compliance with state academic standards.Before you go out and start recruiting the next Tim Tebow (probably the most famous of all home-schooled athletes) to play for you…

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(4) BRAND-NEW IN 2015: A BASIC "OPEN WING" PACKAGE WITH THE QB UNDER CENTER.There were torrential rains before the game, which was known as the mud bowl. This past Saturday’s Army-Navy game got a 5.9 Neilsen Rating. *********** I haven’t written anything about Oregon’s hiring of Mario Cristobal, promoting him from offensive coordinator to replace Willie Taggart because it took me a while to mull it over. The Ducks are going to be playing Boise State in a bowl game the Saturday, and game preparation has cut deeply into recruiting efforts. Not that Willie “He Who Speaks With Forked Tongue” Taggart didn’t.Knox's biggest coaching liability was that he couldn't beat Bud Grant! Bud Grant, an all-time great coach, has taken so much crap over the years, because he “couldn't win the big one! My first reaction was, “This is Oregon.” They can do better than that. That sh— never lasts long.” My third reaction was, “He’s only been a head coach at one place - Florida International - he spent seven years there and went 27-47.” Not impressed. But Cristobal has evidently told all sort of people that he and his family love Oregon, which is just the sort of thing that Oregonians love to hear." Once, leaving a team party, he said, "I'm going to sleep in the cemetery; it's nice and peaceful there." Once, he broke down the door of an apartment while looking for some women he’d met.When he didn’t find them inside, he slugged a guy who was.

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