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However, with the fun, connectedness, and comfort that came with cybersex and beyond, there were a few situation-specific negative outcomes that caused more harm that those on-screen encounters were worth.We hadn’t discussed our feelings before jumping into cybersex — which is something I would have definitely done had we been having sex IRL — and I grew attached to something that wasn’t real.I may have been safe from sexually transmitted infections and physical danger, but I wasn’t taking into account how this would affect me emotionally.

He was so sexy, I was pretty sure it didn’t matter if we were in the same room or a thousand miles apart — this guy could make me orgasm.

I was loving getting to know Lucas beyond our cybersex connection — his politics, his family stories, his life goals — and I wasn’t prepared for how I’d feel if that interest wasn’t reciprocated after our intimate Face Time sessions.

I honestly just didn’t expect to feel so close to someone I hadn’t slept with in “real” life.

Despite Lucas’ emotional distance, it was clear that those two months of hot cybersex gave us a level of openness and intimacy around sex that some of my friends have never had, even with their spouses.

It was incredible how easy it was to turn our virtual connection into real-life sexual chemistry.

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