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When they mention he probably got that a lot, he politely says, "No, you're the first." If he had said it in a sarcastic (that is, openly derisive) tone, that would be sarcasm.If he had said it in a normal tone, and added something like, "In fact, I'd like people to do it all the time," there would be a hint of mocking, also making it sarcasm.Socratic This type is completely different from the others. The irony lies in the fact that you are treating the other person as one possessing coveted knowledge and/or wisdom far above your "lowly" station, the whole point in doing so is to expose the fact that they are, in fact, Verbal irony is part of the modern irony types, but it differs from the others in that the irony is intentional.

Situational Irony is when the outcome of some situation or action is the exact opposite of the expected outcome.

If you deny that you're upset, but in an angry tone, that's just plain denial, not irony.

You mean to try to convince people you are calm, but your tone betrays you.

This is where the confusion of the meaning of the word usually starts. It's rather common in fiction for one person to correct another who has incorrectly used the term.

It enjoyed a renaissance in the '90s thanks to Postmodernism, which is a slightly different concept of irony.

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