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Here, these are my magical outfits and accessories, please help me choose the most beautiful one among others.

I am so excited because it will be my first trip to Magic!

Your job is to help Papa Louie run his burger shop.

Take orders, grill meat, add toppings, and serve the burgers to your customers. 2"is a super sequel of the first Where's My Blankie? The desert doesn’t seem like the most logical place for a snail to hang out, but that’s where Bob is in the next installment of this popular action game.

They always follow the trends and be the most fashionable girls in the village! After popcorn and movie time, we will have a cup of coffee and discuss the movie. My Trip to Magic I have been waiting this trip for a long while!

Finally I have been invited to the Magicland, so now I need to get prepared.

In the 7th episode the honest and law-abiding Wheely has to deal with bandits who robbed the bank.

Help the newly detective to follow hints and un Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci and is an extremely popular ragdoll racing game.

Let’s make her ready for a day of shopping on London’s streets!Spring Beauty Spa Emily is trying to get ready for spring, so she purchased some skincare products to get rid of all the bad effects of summer. Help Emily on her spa session and take care of her skin, and then apply an amazing nail art to complete her fresh look! She loves to groom them and dress them up in adorable little suits and ties.She subscribes to countless animal fancy magazines and blogs, so she's constantly engaged on the latest puppy and kitty info.There is even a photo booth mode in which you can pose your favorite characters on different themed backgrounds.Prepare yourself for a new chapter in the adventures of the red VW beetle car.

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