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The couple married in the year 2009 and till now they are going pretty well with their relationship.There is almost no chance of a divorce to occur in their lives till now.Production of the Peavey EVH Wolfgang began in late 1996 (after a year-long development process) and lasted until 2004, when Edward Van Halen and Peavey parted amicably.Production of the Wolfgang guitar (along with other Peavey models) occurred in a dedicated Leakesville, MS plant but was moved to Meridian, MS in early 2003.He also used a custom-assembled strat-like guitar with a PAF humbucker (taken from a Gibson ES-335) mounted directly to the guitar's body. the "Frankenstrat") guitar laid the groundwork for most of the custom guitars he played throughout the 1970s and 1980s.Prior to working with Peavey, Van Halen had worked with and endorsed Charvel, Kramer and Ernie Ball Music Man.Career Eddie Van Halen’s career has made him who he is today.

Gloss Black, Gloss Ivory, Vintage Gold, Seafoam Green, Transparent Sunburst, Transparent Amber, Transparent Red, Transparent Purple, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Cherryburst, Transparent Black Cherryburst (plus numerous other colors and graphics offered via the Peavey Custom Shop) The Peavey EVH Wolfgang guitar series is the result of the collaboration between guitarist Edward Van Halen and Hartley Peavey's company, Peavey Electronics.

Personal Life Eddie Van Halen’s personal life is going on pretty well till now but it has had troubles in the past.

He was dating his girlfriend Janie Liszewski before the couple decided to take their relationship to a new level and got married.

His father was a saxophonist, pianist, and clarinetist and his mother was a composer.

He went to a college called Long Beach City College for a music contest and he won the content.

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