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You're back in your home town after time away at school and an unexpected reunion is just around the corner!

Play your part and give her a night she'll never forget. This busty goddess is a double-stacked treat and she's eager for play.Take the game of truth or dare and substitute kiss for truth. The magic word Tell your partner that you've picked a magic word, and whenever they say it, you'll give them a kiss.This way locking lips with someone of the group's choice is the fun punishment for the not so daring folks playing the game. A game of hearts This one is so so so much fun and makes for great foreplay when it is just the two of you. Then, divided them equally between you and your partner. What's great about this game is how long it can last. Take a selection of small, different flavored candies.The catch, no one can kiss the animal in the same place twice. For the squeamish, if you don't want to do it, you have to give the person on your left a hickey. Trivial kiss-suit Write out a list of your favorites: color, animal, sex positions, the usual (ha). For each correct answer he gets, you give him a kiss. Each person passes said item using only the suction from their mouths. If you drop the card the only punishment is winding up locking lips with the person who was trying to pass it to you. Kissing in the dark This one is perfect for your cute couples only Halloween party.For every wrong answer, he has to remove a piece of clothing. Take it the backyard after the sun sets, blindfold one person and everyone scatter.

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