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This policy of foreign marriages was pursued by Iaroslav's successors but did not survive long into the 13th century.After that time, the Rus principalities restricted contacts with their western neighbours, and the Russian princes mainly sought brides from among the ever-growing number of collateral branches of their own dynasty.The earliest generations of the so-called Rurikid family are reconstructed solely on the basis of the sparse information in the Povest' vremennykh let or 'Tale of the Years of Time', better known as the Primary Chronicle and also sometimes known as Nestors Chronicle, the extant manuscripts of the Primary Chronicle which date from the 12th century should not be taken at face value as they must have been compiled from patchy sources of information.It is likely that the compilers exaggerated the role of Rurik's family in the 9th and 10th centuries, in order to establish a lengthy, credible history for the Russian principalities which were flourishing by the 12th century.Nevertheless, his citations are not as helpful as they could be, firstly because the publications include no key to the abbreviations which the author uses and no full list of works cited, and secondly because the absence of exact quotations means it is impossible to judge the weight of their evidence.In any case, many of the works cited are in the Russian language.In this way, various branches of the family were excluded from the succession.

However, there are still many gaps and uncertainties, particularly relating to the female members of the family.A Scandinavian-origin trading community at Kiev appears to have been formed during the early 900s as an offshoot of the more northerly settlements, although it is possible that the Khazars still exercised hegemony in this area as late as [930]The titles attributed to the rulers of the Rus principalities are a source of confusion, in particular the use of "Grand Prince/Grand Duke" as opposed to "Prince/Duke", especially in relation to the rulers of Kiev and Vladimir.Chirovsky points out that all Kievan princes were theoretically equal (they are all referred to in the Russian chronicles as "Knyaz", female "Knyaginya") and that Vsevolod III Prince of Vladimir was the first prince to start calling himself "Grand Prince/Duke" ("Veliki Knyaz").Government of the principalities was exchanged and reshuffled with great regularity, all under the direction of the Grand Prince of Kiev, motivated by personal and family considerations, not least the wish to prevent rival princes from consolidating too much power in particular locations.The principality of Kiev proper was relatively small in area compared to the other Rus principalities, although the city of Kiev was strategically well-placed on the River Dnepr which gave direct access to the Black Sea in the south and indirect access to the Baltic in the north.

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