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Unfortunately, certain ransomware variants have removed that security.The Right Scale State of the Cloud report found 82 percent of enterprises were using multi-cloud strategies.The time has come — you need to consider exactly how you backup your files, as well as where those backups are kept. Ransomware is a particular nuisance because of the files it targets: photos, music, films, and documents of all types, just to name a few.Your hard drive filled with personal, work, and business files is a primary target for encryption.

Having your personal files destroyed is painful enough without ransomware attacking your backups, too.In a turn of luck, an unidentified programmer managed to crack the Petya ransomware encryption.The crack is capable of revealing the encryption key needed to unlock the MBR and release the captive files.Once encrypted, you’ll encounter a ransom note demanding payment — usually in almost untraceable Bitcoin that encrypts more than just your local hard drive.It first appeared in 2013, propagating via infected email attachments.

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