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For closing track “Call It Off,” Walla used a recording of drummer (and then-DCFC bandmate) Jason Mc Gerr breaking down his kit; if you listen closely enough, you can hear the unstructured percussion clacking away in the background.

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The duo just announced a covers album featuring 14 different artists covering each of the album’s songs, and last week NPR published a great feature with recollections from some of the contemporary musicians that were inspired by the Canadian twins, and most of them had discovery stories similar to mine.They were in constant contact, bouncing ideas off of each other and slowly building up the tracks themselves.The duo made their demos available alongside the release of the album — another way they were transparent about their process with the listeners — and it’s clear from listening to them how much their collaborative efforts helped pull the disparate pieces of the album together.“Knife Going In” features guitarist and composer Kaki King playing lap steel guitar.about and be involved with music — interrogate what makes it work and figure out why it doesn’t when it doesn’t.

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