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This job showed me that I can truly be all that I can be. I also sharpened existing skill in leadership and management. After pt, conduct personal hygiene and eat breakfast, report to work, complete task of the day. No matter the circumstance and environment, you must always make sound judgements and maintain professionalism in order to make the most out of a situation.Though it was stressful at times, I was always able to see a purpose for my efforts. The hardest part of the job is the stress from being away from your family from long hours at work or training exercises and deployments.Overall, there are great benefits, but it comes at the cost of losing your autonomy, long work hours (11hrs-5-7 days weekly), high propensity for medical and marital issues, oppression in the workplace, and toxic leadership.On the plus side are the possibilities for: advancement, learning trades, job security, very affordable healthcare, and education opportunities.If your a quality medic you get a lot of respect from the guys around you and generally have it pretty good with the higher ups.

Once I had to help set a man who'd broken Radius and Ulna.

Healthcare can be a pro or a con depending on if you get a good/bad doc.

I had a special needs child (Autism) and I will say though, they covered and provided MANY things the private healthcare system will shaft you on.

Once I wanted to become a mother I needed something more stable.

On a typical day I would to physical training in the morning and then eat breakfast, get dressed and go do my combat medic duties.

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