Netgear vpn error validating proxy ids

Symptoms Activating the VPN client software on Windows 8 fails, displaying "Activation Error 70" .Affected OS: Windows 8 Affected Softwares: VPNG01L, VPNG05L and VPN Lite v5.14.003 Failure error message : Solution : Current version (VPN Client 5.1x) is already compatible with Windows 8 Beta: all it requires is to install the setup in “Windows 7 compatibility” mode (right click on the setup to get compatibility options) and set the VPN Client software compatibility.Note: These routers come pre-flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, so you won't need to flash anything.Click on the router links below: Asus RT-N16, Asus RT-AC56U, Asus RT-AC87U, Netgear Nighthawk R7800, Linksys wrt3200ACM, Netgear R7000, Netgear R8000 Also, enable "Syslogd" under "Services/Services" and enter "cat /tmp/var/log/messages" in the "Commands" page.Configuring the new Sonicwall went reasonably smoothly with the exception of one of our site t0 site VPN Links.When attempting to create a site to site VPN link to a Sonicwall TZ170 behind a Clear (Clearwire) wireless internet modem.If you're experiencing any issues with your DD-WRT configuration and you're requesting assistance, you should include these logs.

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It would receive the error: IKE Responder: Proposed IKE ID mismatch.

ISAKMP OAK AG *(HASH, NOTIFY: STATUS_REPLAY_STATUS, NOTIFY: STATUS_INITIAL_CONTACT)12-08: .402 My Connections\Test - Established IKE SA12-08: .402 My Connections\Test - MY COOKIE 68 ef 4b 45 34 e5 92 012-08: .402 My Connections\Test - HIS COOKIE eb 49 3f af c 63 de 2d12-08: .232 My Connections\Test - RECEIVED ISAKMP OAK TRANS *(HASH, ATTR)12-08: .267 My Connections\Test - Initiating IKE Phase 2 with Client IDs (message id: DE3CFCF0)12-08: .267 My Connections\Test - Initiator = IP ADDR=.1, prot = 0 port = 012-08: .267 My Connections\Test - Responder = IP SUBNET/MASK=, prot = 0 port = 012-08: .268 My Connections\Test - SENDING ISAKMP OAK TRANS *(HASH, ATTR)12-08: .930 My Connections\Test - Filter entry 3 removed: SECURE 12-08: .706 My Connections\Test - RECEIVEDCan anyone help me on this message ?

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